Tips For Pregnant Women To Beat The Summer Heat

Being pregnant isn’t easy. Being pregnant in the summertime? Even more difficult! It’s hot out there, and it’s important that expecting mothers know how to handle that heat in order to keep themselves and the baby safe. The easiest answer would be to stay indoors, hopefully with air conditioning, as much as possible. Unfortunately, that’s just not always possible, as we’ll always have things that bring us out into the sweltering summer heat. If you’re expecting this summer, here are a few ways you can stay safe when you go outside.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

One of the most important steps you can take to keep yourself safe during the hot weather is to drink enough water. Although hydration doesn’t mean stopping drinking any liquid, it’s important to remember that caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and soda, can make you more susceptible to heat. For every caffeinated beverage, you need to drink one glass of water. However, if you’re active or in the sun, you should drink even more. It’s also important to remember that sugary drinks such as Gatorade are okay, but should never be substituted for water.

Keep Cool

Finding ways to keep cool in the summer heat is very important, and there are luckily many ways to do so. One great way is to go for a swim. Swimming will not only cool you down, but it can take some of the weight off of your sciatic nerve. You’ll also want to wear breathable fabrics so you don’t sweat too much. Be wary of sunburn as well, since pregnant women tend to be more prone to getting burnt than those who aren’t. If you begin to feel weak or dizzy, your best bet is to get indoors to someplace cool, where you can sit down.

Stay Indoors

While it’s just not possible to stay indoors the entire summer, the safest thing you can do for yourself and the baby is to find indoor alternatives for as many things as possible. Let’s say you’re having your baby shower in the middle of the July or August heat. Instead of hosting an outdoor BBQ, opt for something indoors so you can be safe and comfortable during the entire party. If you have no choice but to be outside for some reason, it’s smart to try and bring some form of shade. Wear hats that provide shade, or bring an umbrella if you can. If it’s an all-day outdoor event, consider getting a pop-up tent that you can relax under.

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