The Best Maternity Clothes Brands Of 2022

Today, there are a variety of fashionable maternity clothes to choose from. Not that long ago pregnant women had few options when it came to fashion. With the rise of more fashionable maternity brands, it’s now possible to find clothes that are designed to serve up serious style during your pregnancy, instead of not being happy with the clothes you’re wearing during those 9 months. Here are some of the top brands in maternity fashion.

PinkBlush Maternity

One of the best places to get maternity clothes on a budget is PinkBlush. The online retailer offers a wide range of fashionable maternity dresses and tops, as well as an extensive selection of plus-size options. With an endless selection of cute outfits, this site is the ideal place to go for a wardrobe refresh.

A Pea In The Pod

With a wide variety of styles and options, A Pea In The Pod is the ideal place to start your maternity wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a simple baby shower dress or a comfy loungewear outfit, this online retailer has something for everyone. Besides designer brands such as 7 for All Mankind, A Pea In The Pod also features the latest collection from Made with Liberty Fabric.


H&M is known for its wide variety of fashionable maternity clothes. From jackets to basics, this store has something for everyone. The pieces are made using high-quality fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, and jersey. The company is also committed to sustainability, and its garments are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials. In 2022, it was named one of the Best of Pregnancy’s award winners for the best maternity jeans category.


One of the most important factors that women need to consider when it comes to creating their own stylish outfits is the availability of reliable basics. With a variety of styles and options, Storq has something for everyone. Its limited collection features button-up shirts, comfy joggers, and a cardigan that will keep you warm and comfortable wherever you go. Aside from being able to offer a variety of styles and options, Storq also has a wide selection of sizes that are inclusive of all body types. This website also replaced all of its photos with images of real mothers-to-be who are nursing, pregnant, or postpartum.

Rent the Runway

Since it’s known for making high-fashion accessible, Rent the Runway has become a go-to for finding the best maternity clothes. Not only does the site carry nursing-friendly clothes, it also has a variety of pregnancy and maternity dresses. Its stylists can help you find the perfect outfit for every trimester.

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