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Top 3 Questions You’re Embarrassed to Ask Your OB-GYN


For first-time and veteran mothers alike, pregnancy can bring up a variety of questions that might feel a little awkward asking out loud. The good news is that most women have had those same questions at some point and that there are answers from trained professionals.


Here are some questions about pregnancy you may have wanted to ask but felt too nervous to do so:


How Likely Is a Bowel Movement During Delivery?

This fear comes up frequently with new mothers, to the point where they can become so fixated on not having a bowel movement that it inhibits their ability to push.


It’s actually extremely common to have a bowel movement during labor, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There’s a simple reason why it happens: the same muscles a woman uses to push a baby out of her uterus are the same ones she uses when having a bowel movement. With the added weight on her colon and rectum as the baby moves through the birth canal, it’s a very natural bodily reaction.


While it may seem embarrassing, keep in mind that childbirth is a very private affair. Doctors are not only undaunted by this, but generally expect it. They’re trained professionals and their primary concern is making sure the mother and baby are healthy throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery.


Will My Vagina Be Stretched After I Give Birth?

Not really. Believe it or not, vaginas have muscle memory. The vagina is also made to accommodate childbirth; in other words, it stretches during childbirth and then contracts to its normal size. If a woman wants to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, there are Kegel exercises, though make sure to check with a doctor first before trying them.


Why Does Sex Hurt After Birth?

Having a baby is hard work! With childbirth comes natural trauma to the vaginal area, and it needs time to heal. It’s natural for the sex drive to decrease, given how exhausting caring for a newborn can be. On top of that, if mothers choose to breastfeed, that can change her hormone levels as well, particularly her estrogen levels. This can lead to problems with lubrication. One potential solution is to use a lubricant, as well as giving the body time to adjust postpartum.


If the pain continues to exist months after birth, however, it’s best to speak to a doctor to make sure there aren’t any lasting issues.

from Dr. Lori Gore-Green | Gynecology and Obstetrics

4 Charitable Organizations That Seek to Help Women Worldwide

4-Charitable-Organizations-That-Seek-to-Help-Women-Worldwide- Dr-Lori-Gore-Green

Women everywhere face challenges, but there are so many ways to get involved. Consider checking out these organizations and supporting their missions.



Dressember, founded by then-college student Blythe Hill, is a month-long challenge working to promote awareness of human trafficking and raise money towards ending the worldwide pandemic. Since its innovation, the Dressember movement has raised more than $2.6 million in grants.


There are some ways to participate: wearing a dress every day in December, making a tax-deductible donation, or supporting the Dressember online store.  



PERIOD: The Menstrual Movement seeks to serve period packs, educate the community, and advocate for change. Despite the global need for menstrual care, many parts of the world don’t have reliable access to such products. PERIOD is working to provide those products, but also to decrease the stigma surrounding periods. To help their mission, PERIOD offers multiple ways to get involved, including how to start a local chapter, making a tax-deductible donation, or purchasing merchandise from their store website. The proceeds from their website go directly towards PERIOD’s mission, and also help in breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation in so many communities.


Community’s Child

Community’s Child helps women and children move from shelters to transitional living facilities, as well as supports community outreach programs and helps lift up disadvantaged families. Founder Tara Nierenhausen began working at a crisis maternity center and soon realized that these women didn’t have a second step once leaving the center. Rather than send them back out to the streets, Nierenhausen stepped up to change that. Community’s Child continues to flourish and improve the lives of women and children in the broader Los Angeles community.


Girls For a Change

Girls For a Change is a nonprofit youth development that will be celebrating its 18th birthday this year. GFAC seeks to empower black girls and other girls of color to achieve bright futures. Frequently marginalized and therefore given fewer opportunities and resources to succeed, GFAC is working to decrease the racial divide. Women of color suffer from obstacles such as “achievement gaps, the drop-out crisis, and school-to-prison pipeline,” and Girls For a Change aims to change that.


Additionally, All For Good offers a search by location to allow visitors to find charities near them to volunteer with. More than that, their website provides a listing of organizations looking for volunteers that users are free to submit to. They also provide advice on how to start a charity and get the community involved.

from Dr. Lori Gore-Green | Community Service